HSA Group is one of the most established solar power plant investors in our country with its experience since 2009. By experiencing various photovoltaic solar panel technologies first hand over a period of more than ten years, it carries out panel and cell production by prioritizing the priorities of the solar energy investor.

Our main goal in the establishment of our facilities is that the solar panels produced are the highest performance, durable and technology-based photovoltaic products that can be produced in the world today.

In order to achieve this goal, meticulous and detailed studies have been carried out from our production line to the procurement of raw materials, from the training of our employees to the selection of our business partners.

In addition to panel production in our facilities, cell production investments are also continuing. Thus, HSA Energy is not only a production center, but also a technology company that invests and develops cell technology.

HSA Energy is a subsidiary of HSA Investment, which has been operating in the fields of mining, energy and real estate since 1949. With the financial strength and experience of one of the most established companies in our country, our activities are under guarantee.

Our Values

  • Respect for nature
  • Customer oriented work
  • Respect for employees
  • Honesty

Our Working Principle

Every product manufactured in our facilities will be the highest quality and highest performance product that can be purchased.