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5 Tips for Streamlining Solar Panel Procurement

5 Tips for Streamlining Solar Panel Procurement

As more businesses and homeowners commit to renewable energy, the demand for solar panels is higher than ever. However, acquiring these panels can be tricky, especially for contractors and distributors who need to source them in bulk. Review these five tips to streamline solar panel procurement. Partner With a Trusted Manufacturer Start by partnering with […]

Target Values ​​Workshop was Held with the Participation of Our Production and Quality Staff

The Target Values ​​Workshop was held with the participation of our production and quality personnel and aimed at improving processes. Our staff, who came together in the workshop, which was organized within the scope of continuous improvement and consisted of 5 sessions, discussed the problems with the group work and examined the permanent solutions. In […]

Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Dönmez Visited HSA Energy Factory

Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Dönmez and Manisa Governor Yaşar Karadeniz visited the factory of HSA Energy in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone. In the company presentation made to them, the details of the Blue Pine Solar Panels and JA Solar solar panels produced by HSA Energy were mentioned. The factory visit of Minister […]

HSA Energy Increases Its Market Targets With Its Capacity Increase

HSA Energy manufactures both Blue Pine Solar Panels and the products of JA Solar, one of the important players in the global market, in its factory located in Manisa OSB. After increasing its capacity by 100 percent in order to meet the increasing demands with increasing electricity prices and the acceleration of energy transformation towards […]

The Industry Sustainable Energy Transformation Event, of which HSA Energy is the Main Supporter, was Held in Manisa OIZ

The “Sustainable Energy Transformation in Industry” event, organized by HSA Energy with the contributions of Manisa Organized Industrial Zone (MOSB) in order to lead the sustainable energy transformation of the industry, took place on Tuesday, June 7, in Manisa OSB. In the event, which consisted of 4 sessions in total, 9 speakers from the leading […]

HSA Energy Introduced Blue Pine Solar Panels to Europe at the Intersolar Europe Fair.

HSA Energy is making a name for itself worldwide with the Blue Pine Solar Panels it produces. HSA Energy took its place among the participants of the Intersolar Europe Fair, the world’s leading fair for the solar energy industry, held in Germany. Blue Pine Solar Panels manufactured in Turkey and having the size of 2278mmx1134mmx35m […]