HSA Energy Increases Its Market Targets With Its Capacity Increase

HSA Energy manufactures both Blue Pine Solar Panels and the products of JA Solar, one of the important players in the global market, in its factory located in Manisa OSB. After increasing its capacity by 100 percent in order to meet the increasing demands with increasing electricity prices and the acceleration of energy transformation towards renewable sources, it realized its second factory investment and started test production. HSA Energy will reach a total production capacity of 1000 MW/year in 2023.

Underlining that the solar energy sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world despite the pandemic conditions, HSA Energy Board Member & General Manager Mehmet Doğan stated that the strategic partnership of JA Solar was effective in HSA Energy’s rapid entry into the sector with the following words: “As HSA Energy Our main philosophy is to produce the highest quality and most accurate technology panel produced in Turkey. After all, the world photovoltaic industry is a sector dominated by China in the entire value chain, from raw material procurement to technology production and development. We, too, have reflected all our sensitivities about solar panel selection to the products we produce in our Manisa facility, with the investor perspective that our group has experienced in solar power plant investments in previous years. Our global partner provides us with the necessary support at this point of the business. This process, from the selection and placement of the equipment of our production line, to the quality control plan we implement, to the product standard, from raw material procurement to raw material analysis, is carried out together with JA Solar. The Blue Pine Solar Panels and JA Solar panels we have produced are produced at world standards and with high technology. HSA Energy is also JA Solar’s only overseas production partner, and Turkey has a strategic importance for JA Solar in this context.” said.

“We will reach a total production capacity of 1000 MW/year in 2023”

Doğan stated that the company, which started mass production in September 2021 as one of the first companies to start producing solar panels over 500 Watt in mass production, increased its capacity from 250 MW/year to 500 MW/year by foreseeing the demand intensity. He also said that the second factory investment, which was made, will start operating in 2023. Doğan said, “We started mass production at our Manisa Organized Industrial Zone facility on September 1, 2021. At the beginning of 2022, we started the production of domestic JA Solar panels. In our master plan, we made preparations to increase the capacity of our factory to 500 MW by the end of 2022. When we came to the beginning of 2022, we also made an additional investment decision to solve the increasing demands and firstly, we increased our capacity to 500MW in the middle of the year, and we made the investment decision for our second factory in March and we are about to complete the construction work. Our second facility next to our factory in Manisa has exactly the same design and an annual production capacity of 500 MW. We will enter the year 2023 with a total production capacity of 1000 MW/year on a single campus.

Turkey’s demand for electricity increases between 20% and 25% on average every year, and electric vehicles and charging station infrastructure are not fully included in this projection. When they are added, the demand for electricity will be much higher. The sun, on the other hand, is the cheapest among all existing renewable energy sources and the only source with the shortest amortization period of the investment. We are also trying to find a solution to the supply-demand imbalance experienced this year as much as we can. As suppliers, we are having a very active year. Next year we will talk a lot more sun.” he said.

Adding to his words that the employment of the company, which established its second factory before the end of its first year, is growing rapidly, Doğan said, “We currently employ 230 people in our factory in Manisa. At the end of the year, the number of our employees will be 370 people in total in the two factories. We are producing 24 hours a day without interruption. Our aim is to continue to grow with confident steps and supporting the employment of our region.

As Türkiye, we are in a very good position in a strategic sector worldwide. As HSA Energy, we will continue to contribute to this development with these investments we have made and our qualified human resources. “said.

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