HSA Energy is in the Near Future of Solar Energy with Solarvision

HSA Energy Makes Solar Energy Most Competitive with Blue Pine Solar Panels Produced with Turkey’s Most Advanced Technology

HSA Energy, Turkey’s leading company in the field of renewable energy; He took part in the Solarvision event held in Izmir. In this event, where HSA Energy was among the main sponsors, the near future of solar energy and the importance of clean energy use were discussed. He talked about his important work in the field of renewable energy and new cell technology with the Mavi Pine Solar Panels with high output power they produce.

HSA Energy Sales and Marketing Director Mehmet Aybaş made a statement about new cell and new panel technologies at the Solarvision event, which was held for the fourth time this year; “Especially in the process that started before the pandemic, there have been serious changes in cell production technology in the world. 1.5 years ago we were talking about 310-320 Watt panels in Turkey, now the panel we produce is 540 Watt. There is a huge difference, almost 200 Watts. The main reason for this is; an efficiency has been reached and exceeded the standard in the previously specified cell technology. Many companies, including world giants, made R&D investments. We are currently producing the highest wattage solar panel in Turkey with 182 mm cell technology in our factory in Manisa. The sun is the energy source that we can implement the production-on-site and consume-on-site logic in the fastest and clearest way. As a manufacturer that produces the largest component of the solar energy system, we will continue to provide services by closely following the technology.” he said.


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