HSA Energy Signed a Collaboration Agreement with JA Solar, the World’s Leading Panel and Cell Manufacturer

HSA Energy signed an important cooperation agreement with JA Solar, one of the world’s leading solar panel and cell manufacturers, for the production of new generation solar panels. HSA Energy signed an agreement to become a JA Solar Solar Panels manufacturer in Turkey.

The aim of this agreement is to achieve the highest level of product portfolio of automation-based, high-tech solar panels in the field of renewable energy in Turkey, with high efficiency, reliability and customer focus in power generation.

HSA Energy, one of Turkey’s leading companies in the renewable energy industry, started the production of Blue Pine Solar Panels on September 1, 2021 at its fully automatic photovoltaic panel production facility in Manisa.

HSA Energy, which has achieved a rapid rise in the Turkish market in a short time with the Blue Pine Solar Panels with 11 Busbar M10 technology, providing high power output, will expand its product portfolio in cooperation with JA Solar and start the production of JA Solar Solar Panels.

The cooperation between HSA Energy and JA Solar will provide a higher level of customer focus and competitiveness in the Photovoltaic market in Turkey.

With an annual production capacity of 250 MW in Manisa, HSA Energy works with JA Solar from machine selection to technical layout, from quality control plan implementation to raw material supply. All R&D investments required for the production, which is planned to be increased to 500 MW in the second quarter of 2022, will be developed together with JA Solar.

According to the agreement, JA Solar will supply all raw materials, including cells, to the HSA Energy Manisa factory, and all quality control processes are carried out according to JA Solar criteria before starting production.

Commenting on this collaboration with JA Solar, which received the “Best Performer” award for the sixth time according to the PV Evolution Labs (PVEL) 2021 PV Module Reliability Scorecard in the field of energy, HSA Energy General Manager Mehmet Doğan said: We believe that with this agreement signed with JA Solar, a pioneer company with deep-rooted knowledge in the field and a leader in cell and solar panel technology, we will contribute significantly to the solar energy sector in Turkey and continue our pioneering work for the photovoltaic panel production sector.”

JA Solar Board Member and Chief Executive Officer, Xinwei Niu, commented: “We are pleased to cooperate with HSA Energy. We hope to provide our most advanced products to the Turkish Photovoltaic market by contributing to the development of the HSA production system and quality control system and the supply of raw materials to HSA for production. Through this cooperation, we look forward to further promoting the development of the Photovoltaic industry in the Turkish market and helping Turkey reach its net zero carbon target by 2053.”

“HSA Energy, which produces Blue Pine Solar Panels with an annual production capacity of 250 MW, aims to start the production of bifacial (double glass) solar panels and JA Solar Solar Panels by 2022 and to export the panels produced with a production capacity of 500 MW.

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