HSA Energy Started Solar Panel Production with M10 Technology

Solar Panel Production

HSA Energy Started Production of the First 11 Busbar M10 Half Cell Solar Panels in Turkey at its Factory in Manisa OSB

HSA Energy, one of Turkey’s leading companies in the field of renewable energy, established its photovoltaic module production facility based on full automation in Manisa.

HSA Energy, one of the strongest investors in the field of renewable energy with Solar Energy Systems (GES), became the first energy company in Turkey to produce 530 W+ solar panels with 11 Busbar M10 half-cell technology, with an investment of 110 million TL. HSA Energy’s Blue Pine Solar Panels, which reduce costs and increase efficiency, are a pioneer in the sector by enabling solar energy to be produced at the lowest cost in Turkey.

Increasing electricity demand and electricity costs show that concrete steps should be taken to use alternative, renewable and sustainable energy sources more in the world and in our country. HSA Energy, which started mass production in the Manisa Organized Industrial Zone in September 2021; It offers its stakeholders the technology that will maximize the energy efficiency to be obtained from the sun with its superior performance and quality.

One of the Most Important Options Solar Energy

Solar energy, which is the most powerful alternative among renewable energy sources, is highly preferred because it is the lowest cost energy source. HSA Energy, which produces Blue Pine Solar Panels, continues its R&D studies to bring solar energy to a more competitive position compared to other energy sources, while producing the energy obtained from the sun at a much more affordable cost.

During solar panel production, HSA Energy strives for versatile and innovative solutions. That’s why several applications for Blue Pine Solar Panels exist. Common applications include ground-mounted PV plants, roof PV systems, floating PV plants and PV agriculture integrated solar systems.

Mehmet Doğan, Member of the Board of Directors and General Manager of HSA Energy , said, “Solar Energy is the energy source that offers the opportunity to produce electricity at the lowest cost among renewable energy sources today. Digitizing energy ecosystems with technologies such as solar panels will also meet the increasing demand for electrical energy in the world. In this context, our main aim is to produce the electricity we obtain from the sun with the highest quality systems and at the lowest cost. For this reason, we started the production of Blue Pine Solar Panels, which we developed using 11 Busbar M10 half-cell technology, which is a first in Turkey, with 23% efficiency.”

Small Difference – Big Impact, 182mm Half Cell Technology

HSA Energy has put into operation the fully automated photovoltaic module production system, the first phase of which is 250MW and the second more than 500MW, in its factory established in a 10.000 m2 closed area in Manisa OSB.

Touching on the importance of solar energy and solar panels, Doğan continued his words as follows;

“One of the main criteria affecting the purchase of solar panels is the efficiency of the cellular modules. The low power and efficiency loss caused by the increase of the module temperature makes the technology of the panels even more important. Our reasons for using “182mm cell technology”;

  • After optimizing production, transportation, installation conditions and system configurations, modules using 182mm cell technology give the most efficient results,
  • Providing a more stable power generation by minimizing the effect of light-induced distortions,
  • A significant increase in mass production cell technology with a conversion rate of 23.3% by reducing power loss at high temperature.

We can summarize as.

The reasons why we prefer Half Cell Technology are as follows;

Dividing the perfect square cell into two shortens the electric current path and reduces the current resistance. This process provides up to 3% more power than a full square cell.
With the half-cell technology, the microcrack rate of the module is reduced and the damages that may occur in the module are minimized.
By using cross-sectional ribbon wires, 75% savings are achieved from over-cell shadowing.
Using 11 Busbars provides 2% more efficiency compared to 5 Busbars used in standard cells.
Modules provide serious advantages such as cabling + carrier system + labor/assembly, especially at the point of initial installation cost and system design.”

Mehmet Doğan, Member of the Board of Directors and General Manager of HSA Energy, emphasized that solar energy is one of the best options in alternative energy production as a solution to the global climate crisis and said, “We maintain our claim to be one of “the most reliable solution partners in the market by using the latest technology and the most accurate raw materials.” he said he

HSA Energy’s commitment to renewable energy extends beyond its products. Along with quality solar panel production, the company educates stakeholders about the importance of renewable energy and how it can benefit both the planet and the economy.

By delivering technology that maximizes energy efficiency and reduces costs, HSA Energy is demonstrating its commitment to building a more sustainable future for all! To learn more about solar panel energy production, contact us today!


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