The Industry Sustainable Energy Transformation Event, of which HSA Energy is the Main Supporter, was Held in Manisa OIZ

The “Sustainable Energy Transformation in Industry” event, organized by HSA Energy with the contributions of Manisa Organized Industrial Zone (MOSB) in order to lead the sustainable energy transformation of the industry, took place on Tuesday, June 7, in Manisa OSB.

In the event, which consisted of 4 sessions in total, 9 speakers from the leading names of the sector both emphasized the importance of solar energy investments and underlined all the details that should be considered about the investment processes.

Aegean Region Solar Energy Potential and Industrial Investments

In the event that started with the opening speech of Manisa Organized Industrial Zone Manager Funda Karaboran, Karaboran stated that despite the high potential of the region, only 25 companies (approximately 20 MW) have invested in self-consumption roof SPP. Mehmet Doğan, Member of the Board of Directors and General Manager of HSA Energy, stated in his opening speech that reasons such as the geopolitical position at the last point the world has come to accelerate the renewable energy transformation. He underlined that, as HSA Energy, they continue to contribute to this transformation and that they have increased their capacity by 2 times as of June at the solar panel facility, which they started production in Manisa OSB 10 months ago, to reach 500 MW and they will continue to produce as 1 GW by the end of the year.

Speaking at the “Roadmap of Industrialists in Renewable Energy” Session of the event, ENSİA Chairman of the Board Alper Kalaycı underlined that Turkey should update its clean energy targets, and that the cheap installation costs of solar power plants and the fact that they can be combined with many clean power plants such as wind and biomass are a great advantage. stated.

Domestic Raw Material and Quality in Solar Panel

In the continuation of the event, “Domestic Production and Quality in Solar Panel” session speaker Ekinler Industry R&D Manager Murat Diktaş drew attention to the quality and locality of its products. While underlining that the rate of locality in the junction boxes they produce is over 70%; He stated that the supply from domestic producers is effective in shortening the project period and providing a quick solution to any problems that may occur in the project site.

Speaking at the same session, Çağdaş Glass Sales Director Orkun Dölek drew attention to the quality of solar glasses. While emphasizing the importance of the materials used during glass making, he underlined that productions without attention to quality will cause the glass to turn yellow over time, and this may affect the permeability of solar panels in the future.

What Investors Should Pay Attention to in Solar Energy

SolarAPEX Board Member Besime Özderici, who spoke at the “Solar Energy Installation and Applications” session, mentioned the problems experienced in product supply in the recommendations she gave to industrialists, and stated that it is difficult to find raw materials rather than price increases in raw materials, so investors should plan their investments very quickly.

Ozgur Sarpdag, CEO of OZ Energy, underlined that, as a Turkey dealer of a Germany-based EPC, they eliminated many products with preliminary criteria and supplied the best and right products for the investor. He stated that it is also an advantage for these companies to use the products they have chosen after undergoing strict quality controls in European projects.

Ekinler Energy Managing Director Alican Ekin emphasized in his speech that businesses should pay particular attention to cleaning and maintenance after the project. stated that.

In the same session, Huawei Product Manager Çağkan Gazioğlu stated that Huawei attaches importance to production performance, user experience and safety, and that Huawei inverters have DC arc protection equipment to protect the system in case of any arc that may occur in the system, especially in case of fire risks in rooftop investments. underlined.

SPP Investment Process for EPC and Investor

Speaking at the last session of the event, “A Real Investment Process, Investor Experience in Manisa OIZ”, Entegro Energy Systems General Manager Eşref Deniz explained all the details of the projects realized with Inter Abrasiv and stated that the installation of the power plant continues. He announced that after the installation of the power plant, Inter Abrasiv will meet approximately 70% of the electricity consumed annually from solar energy.

Inter Abrasive Investments and Energy Manager Tanay Bedir Kurum, who expressed his views on the project in the continuation of the session, underlined that as a company, they attach importance to people, quality and efficiency, and that they are very detailed in the selection of partners and that they did not encounter any problems thanks to their partners, HSA Energy and Entegro Energy Systems, with whom they worked together during the investment process. he drew.


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