We Produce Energy From Our Factory Roof With Our Blue Pine Solar Panels

HSA Energy Produces Energy from the Roof of the Factory with the Blue Pine Solar Panels It Produces!

HSA Energy, Turkey’s leading company in the field of renewable energy; It has completed the solar power plant with a power of 1.3 MWe by installing the Blue Pine Solar Panels, which it started to produce as of September 1, 2021, on the factory roof. HSA Energy, which produces Blue Pine Solar Panels with a high output power of 530 W+ in its fully automated photovoltaic module production facility located in Manisa OSB, manages to stand out in the renewable energy sector with its panel production with the highest quality standards.

“We Have Signed an Important First in the Field of Renewable Energy”

Mehmet Doğan, Member of the Board of Directors and General Manager of HSA Energy, said in a statement; “The import of panels in our country still continues. Since the Watt/square meter value of the panel we produce as HSA Energy is quite high, Blue Pine Solar Panels have the feature of being the solar panel that reduces the production cost the most. The Blue Pine Solar Panels that we produce will play an active role in closing the energy gap of our country. As HSA Energy, we broke new ground in Turkey with the electricity generation from solar energy.” he said.

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